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You said, South Staffs Water did

The H2Online community launched in November 2019 as a new way for customers to get involved with shaping the future of their water services. It is a place for community members to share their views on a range of water related topics and for South Staffs Water to then update on how all the contributions are being used to make a positive difference to the business. This is what will help most to make a difference for all customers in the long run to ‘Make Water Count’.

The infographics below are a summary of how South Staffs Water is using H2Online members' feedback. There are a wide range of views put forward by members, so these all need to be taken into account when making decisions on what to do next. However, every comment, vote, and piece of survey feedback is read by the teams.

The infographics and content below are developed over time based on feedback from members about the level of detail they want to see and how they want the feedback presented. Please do get in touch with the moderators (at if you have any suggestions about how the infographics can be improved so South Staffs Water can show how members’ feedback is making a real difference.

September 2020