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You said, South Staffs Water did

The H2Online Community launched in November 2019 as a new way for customers to get involved with shaping the future of their water services.

In a H2Online member feedback survey in September 2020, members commented that they would like know why South Staffs Water have committed to running the Community and what its objectives are. In response, a summary has been provided to help members understand this in more detail.

H2Online exists to give South Staffs Water customers a place to:

  • provide ongoing feedback and share their thoughts on a range of water related topics that are important to them and South Staffs Water. The Community is independently run and moderated by our expert researchers at Explain, to provide a safe place for members to engage with the company and each other
  • learn more about how its water services work and the challenges the company currently face and may face in the future . The Community gives the opportunity for members to be more actively involved in helping to improve water services for themselves and their local communities
  • be part of an initiative that is engaging and fun, where members can feel ‘valued’ and ‘listened to’ and to be a place where South Staffs Water can have 2-way conversations with its customers
  • demonstrate that their views are having an impact on improving the service. This is why the team at South Staffs Water have set-up the “You Said, We Did” feedback programme, which you can read more about below.

South Staffs Water also wants to make members aware that there is a difference between the service improvements they put in place following feedback from H2Online members, and the longer-term strategic plans they have. Major policy decisions are not made without extensive engagement through research studies across thousands of customers and comparisons of customers’ views and preferences from a range of the other ongoing studies. The business regularly reviews the findings from industry wide studies and collaborates with a range of organisations, both in and outside of the water industry. All feedback and insight is reviewed by experts from across the business as well as the board, before any decisions are made that impact on their service and their customers’ bills.

The infographics below summarise how South Staffs Water is using H2Online members' feedback. These infographics have been developed over time based on feedback from members at the level of detail they want to see and how they want the feedback to be presented. Please do get in touch with the moderators (at if you have any suggestions about how the infographics can be improved so South Staffs Water can show how members’ feedback is making a real difference.

There are a wide range of views put forward by members, which are all considered when making decisions about what to do next. Every comment, vote, and piece of survey feedback is read by the teams.

October 2020